About Me

IMG_0911Short Bio

Cassandra (Cassy) Brown is the administrative director to Ashland University’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program.  She also serves as managing editor to River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative and The Ashland Poetry Press.  Cassy earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications and a master’s of science in horticulture and crop sciences both from The Ohio State University. Her past work has included writing, event planning, and administrative duties for a variety of nonprofit organizations, including The Ohio Florists’ Association, The Clinch-Powell Resource Conservation and Development Council, and multiple Lutheran church congregations. She lives in Ashland, Ohio, with her husband, two children, and a mean cat.

What I enjoy at Work…

  • Communicating information in writing or in person. This includes writing, speaking, designing, etc., but also planning media outlets and efforts that make sense (targeted communications), editing for clarity, and more.
  • Learning and experiencing new things. I like to be challenged intellectually and venture outside of my comfort zone.
  • Synergy. I have no desire to be part of a cut-throat environment. I like teamwork, helping and supporting my co-workers. Everyone has their own unique gifts and shortcomings. Better to work with these than against them.
  • Working with people who take their jobs seriously, but not themselves. Fun-loving, creative, and driven, I will contribute to a good work atmosphere.
  • Using my brain. I am creative, innovative, and love to plan things out. I’m good at thinking of the small details and I like to find ways to be more efficient and effective. I don’t mind a little rote work (or even physical work) now and then, but my brain is my strongest muscle.

What I enjoy at Play…

  • Reading. No favorite genre — I’ll read anything that’s well written. Sometimes more than once.
  • Writing. Mostly to amuse myself, but also to think or work through something that is bothering me, to better understand and remember the past, but mostly because I just feel the need to do it.  If it was 1984, I’d be that person in the corner hiding out with my illicit notebook.
  • Gardening. Even as an apartment dweller in Columbus, I kept a few potted tomatoes. My current favorite plant is the beautiful and tasty nasturtium.
  • Hiking. My whole family enjoys nature hikes and this is a great part of the world for hiking. I’ve also tested myself by hiking/paddling the boundary waters of the Quetico Provincial Wilderness Park.
  • Classic Movies. It’s been a real thrill to introduce my kids to some of my favorite films.
  • Travel. Unfortunately, due to our work schedules, we don’t do this as often as we’d like to, but we enjoy exploring new places as a family and especially checking out museums and historical places together. A few favorite destinations of mine: Washington D.C. (especially the Smithsonian American History Museum), western Germany (was able to visit the small Black Forest village from whence my great-great-grandfather emigrated and toured Dachau concentration camp, Rothenberg, among other sites); San Antonio and Galveston, Texas; Providence, Rhode Island; and the Blue Ridge Parkway. On my bucket list: Rome, Italy and the giant trees of California.

Other Personal Information

  • I have been married for 19 years and have two awesome teenagers.
  • I spent about ten years working part-time so I could spend extra time with my children when they were young. It did not help my “career” much, but I have no regrets. They are great kids and I value the extra time I spent with them in their formative years.

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