Data Management

I am able to….

  • Organize and share files — physically and electronically.
  • Create and manage databases to record and organize contact information, events, survey or test results, product information, financial data, and other information.
  • Filter, sort, and format information in spreadsheets.
  • Write simple functions in Excel to perform mathematical, logic, or lookup operations.
  • Create graphs, charts, and reports using raw data in Excel, and import these into other documents.
  • Use raw data in Excel, Access or other databases, to create labels, mail merges, or reports.
  • Use Microsoft Access to run queries and reports, create forms, create relationships from one database to another, and export or import data from Excel or csv files.
  • Analyze and draw conclusions from raw data.
  • Create effective surveys to collect data, avoiding common mistakes in survey design (e.g., how to ensure a random or representative sample, the importance of precise wording in questionnaires, techniques for increasing or tracking responses – even in anonymous surveys.)

Samples of Data Management Projects

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date mailing lists and contact information for a variety of organizations.
  • Organize and present results of evaluations for conferences, individual speakers or presentations, and classes.
  • Maintain subscription records for River Teeth, recording payments made by mail, phone, gift certificate, or PayPal, as well as free subscriptions given to journal contributors and editorial board members. Import information for conference attendees and book contest entrants who also receive a free one-year subscription.
  • Track and manage room and board preferences and travel information for attendees at River Teeth nonfiction conference and the Ashland University MFA in Creative Writing program’s 2-week summer residency. Use this database to create confirmation letters, Excel spreadsheets for student billing office, reports for our convention staff to reserve rooms and plan meals, and summary of travel details to create an airport shuttle schedule.
  • Cull larger databases for a target audience, based on geography or other desired parameters. For example, we received a list of all high school art programs in Ohio. To communicate about an event the university was planning for high school art students, I sorted by zip code to mail to schools in our geographic area, including as many as our budget would allow. Also frequently downloaded student information and filtered by class rank, major, or other parameters suited to the task at hand (announcing internships, scholarships, meetings and reminders, etc.).
  • Track costs/revenue for book projects, contests, etc. to analyze overall value or cost.
  • Track potential students, using Hobsons reports. Create reports for future planning and communication that show students who have applied, have started the process, have been accepted, etc.
  • Kept attendance and other statistics on church membership, and recorded weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other church events. Prepared membership and pastoral acts reports each year for congregation annual report based on these records. Generated Excel spreadsheets to keep this information on the computer, allowing safer storage and retention of records. Also looked up past information for people doing genealogical research.
  • For thesis project at Ohio State, designed and distributed a questionnaire to collect information on water sources, water management practices, and water quality awareness at more than 600 Ohio nurseries. Compiled responses and analyzed for various findings to help lead future educational and research projects.
  • For thesis project at Ohio State, collected and recorded water quality information for 132 sources of irrigation water from nurseries throughout Ohio at three different times throughout the year. I managed mailing test supplies, recording results, and sending results back to participating growers. Analyzed data for common water quality problems that might affect production.

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