Grant Writing

Reporting and Application for Ohio Arts Council Sustainability Grant

  • At Ashland University, I currently collect data and submit budgets, plans, narratives, and other reporting for a three-year sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council. Grant money is used to bring in top-notch literary guests (such as Terry Tempest Williams, Steve Almond, and Patricia Smith) and open readings and writing lectures to the general public in cooperation with the MFA in creative writing programming.

Research Grant

  • While at Ohio State, successfully applied for and completed reporting requirements for a research grant with the Ohio Landscaping and Nursery Association for a three-year study on nursery water sources, water quality, and water management practices.

Various Environmental Sustainability Grants

  • While at Clinch-Powell Resource Conservation and Development Council, worked with reporting, applying for, and carrying out several grant projects from various sources and in collaboration with mutliple agencies, including local governments and schools, Extension service, The Nature Conservancy, US Geological Survey, and the US Department of Agriculture.