Project Coordination

Here are some of the projects I’ve been involved with.

Ashland Poetry Press

  • As managing editor, guided publication of the books Life as It by Daneen Wardrop, The Genome Rhapsodies by Anna George Meek, and completed final production steps for American Urn by Mark Irwin and Our House Was on Fire by Laura Van Prooyen. I acted as an intermediary between authors, copy and cover designers, distributors, and printshop. Also distributed promotional materials and review copies of the books. Our House Was on Fire had some cover issues — the lamination was peeling in the corners on many of the books.  In addition, the lamination decreased the contrast between the dark cover and the white type making the print on the back cover difficult to read. I worked with the cover designer and the printshop to increase the font size on the back cover and negotiated the free reprinting of the press run.
  • For the above mentioned books and the books Tancho and Out of Place, I was in charge of entering books in contests, submitting the proper number of books, arranging for entry fees, and other required material. Tancho, Our House Was on Fire, and Life As It received major Independent Press awards.
  • Provided administrative support for the annual Snyder Memorial Prize by preparing semi-finalist manuscripts for final judges, communicating with series editor, director, and final judge, answering questions about the contest from entrants, announcing winners and semi-finalists on various media channels, monitoring Submittable service, issuing checks, depositing payments, and preparing contracts and reports.

River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative

  • As managing editor, guided publication of River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative issues 16.2 – 19.1 (two volumes per year). Duties included securing publishing agreements and other author communications, working with outside contractors including a copyeditor and graphic designer, communicating and preparing specs for printer, uploading files to Kindle, Project Muse and other electronic services, and supervising distribution of issues by mail to subscribers.
  • Provided administrative support for the annual literary nonfiction book contest by preparing semi-finalist manuscripts for editors and final judges, answering entrant questions, announcing winners and semi-finalists on various media channels, monitoring Submittable service, issuing checks, depositing payments, preparing contracts and reports.

Ashland University Art Department

  • Collected and organized art scholarship applications (student information and cover letters, letters of recommendation, and art work files and prints). I created a way to distribute these applications to art faculty members electronically. The previous method was to organize an envelopes containing each students’ paperwork and artwork (which could include prints, disks, flashdrives, photographs, etc). Faculty members would look at the materials, write their comments and suggested award amount on the envelope and then leave it in another faculty members’ mailbox. The new electronic method streamlined the process considerably and allowed for more anonymous feedback. No application materials were misplaced or buried on someone’s desk and there was no messy handwriting to decipher; progress could be tracked and it was a snap for the department chair to summarize the votes at the end and make the final decisions.
  • Assisted with gallery art shows by creating labels for artwork and a list of artwork descriptions and values for insurance purposes and other tasks as needed.

Lutheran Churches

  • Worked with Stewardship Committee to plan two annual fall stewardship campaigns at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.  Designed brochures and pledge cards, tracked pledges, and placed articles, reminders, and information in church media throughout the year.
  • Collected, edited, and compiled several seasonal devotional booklets at Trinity Lutheran consisting of brief devotions written by congregation members.
  • Collected and organized annual reports submitted by committee members and church leaders into one unified document each year and prepared for distribution.

The Ohio State University Dept. of Horticulture & Crop Science

  • Researched and compiled information, photographs, and artwork for two major Extension publications: The Native Plants of Ohio and Identifying Noxious Weeds of Ohio. Was first author on the Native Plants bulletin and second author on the Noxious Weeds bulletin.
  • Assisted with creating an Herbicide Selector booklet for commercial nursery and landscape use. Helped with editing and created user-friendly charts of information based on herbicide labels (which weed species each chemical controlled, plants safe for use on and around, etc).

Clinch Powell Resource Conservation and Development Council

  • With other team members, created and carried out an educational campaign that focused on making environmentally sound purchases (reduced packaging, buying concentrated products, etc.). Campaign included promotional items, in-store signage, presentations to local women’s groups and home economics classrooms, PSAs for print and radio, and more.
  • Worked with local Partners for Clean Communities, and local highway patrol officers to create an anti-litter awareness campaign. I designed cardstands and cards that citizens could use to report litterbugs. It was designed to help citizens feel they could respond to litter. Alleged offenders received a letter from the Tennesee Highway Patrol about the penalties and dangers of littering. I also helped organized and publicize several clean-up events in the area as part of the same campaign.
  • Created a slide show of the year’s events for a regional meeting.

Dow Chemical Company Corporate Communications

  • As a summer intern, helped with the creation of a Quality Production employee campaign. The campaign was being completely redesigned in light of low employee morale (following recent cuts and layoffs). The new campaign refocused on supervisors lifting up real examples of employee contributions rather than gimmicky giveaways and slogans (which was refreshing). Supervisors shared their stories of individuals who contributed in outstanding ways. I participated in planning meetings and helped with budget research and communications.
  • Devised and wrote script for a short in-house video advertising an upcoming charity fundraiser softball game, which would pit volunteer players from Dow Chemical vs. Corning. The video portrayed a chance meeting between leaders of the two companies heading to the gym to prepare for the game, although neither executive wants to fess up to it. The two executives enjoyed the script and hammed it up a bit. I helped direct the shooting of the scene and also assisted in editing the final video, adding in clips from last year’s ballgame and music (“Centerfield”). It was big fun for a lowly intern to boss around the president and vice-president for North American operations of two major corporations! The video was shown on closed circuit tv throughout the various buildings at the Midland, Michigan facilities.
  • Wrote content for a longer video project which informed employees about the company’s counseling services. The video included a Q&A by counseling service leaders, and paid actors portraying stressful situations or warning signs during the video narration. This video was showed on closed circuit tv throughout the Midland operations.

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