Lab Work

  • Can follow lab procedures for safe and accurate procedures.
  • Performed alkalinity and pH tests for graduate project at Ohio State.
  • Assisted with other laboratory experiments as needed with fellow graduate student.
  • Worked as a student lab assistant in soils lab for the Ohio State University during fall 1995. Helped measure, record and enter data, and prepare samples and equipment.

Survey and Questionnaire Research

  • For thesis project at Ohio State, designed and distributed a questionnaire to collect information on water sources, water management practices, and water quality awareness at more than 600 Ohio nurseries.
  • Created and performed before and after surveys and collected other data to satisfy grant requirements for projects at Clinch-Powell Resource Conservation and Development Council.

Business Research

  • Research different vendors or products, considering and weighing the differences in quality, customer service, consumer reviews, costs, features,  and other factors of importance.
  • Researched major purchase of a copy machine for Trinity Lutheran Church, presenting costs, and summarizing alternatives and recommendations for the church council. Was able to secure a great deal for a floor model (used for sales demonstrations) to replace a five-year-old machine the church had purchased outright. Payments for the new machine cost less than the service contract on the old machine, added multiple features to make the office more efficient, and vastly improved copy quality.

Other Research Techniques

  • Adept at finding and summarizing information on a variety of topics for articles, reports, and other projects.
  • Experienced with interviewing individuals for information and direct quotes.
  • Wrote extensive literature review for M.S. thesis at Ohio State.

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