Youth / Teaching

GRIP After-School Program

  • For eight years, planned and administrated a once-a-week after-school program for youth in grades 1-6. The program drew up to 26 youth, including some older youth assistants who still wished to be involved after they had exceeded the age limit.
  • My duties included creating lesson plans and activities, managing a tight budget for the year, soliciting volunteers and donations, promoting the program to the local school, arranging necessary forms, and providing parent and school communications. Weekly programming included many hands-on projects, skits, and fun games to reinforce the lessons and cater to learners of all types.
  • Planned several fun events throughout the year such as our annual Harvest Meal which the youth prepared for their families, a trick-or-treat event collecting change for a local charity, an annual nature scavenger hunt/hike, Christmas and Easter programs in collaboration with church youth, and an end-of-year game night with parents.

Youth Coordinator at Trinity Lutheran Church

  • In addition to the G.R.I.P. after-school program, provided other opportunities for fellowship and learning to youth in our congregation: seasonal parties, service projects, a Christmas program, youth led worship services, etc. Assisted with a week of service projects.
  • Planned several multi-generational events: Rally Sunday celebrations, a soup cook-off, an ice cream sundae Sunday, scavenger hunt, All Saints bingo, Easter morning games, movie night, and various fundraiser/fellowship meals after worship.

Volunteer for G.R.I.P., Vacation Bible School, and local elementary school

  • For G.R.I.P., assisted for a year by providing a weekly game or activity that supported the lesson.
  • Served several years in local 2-church VBS program which drew in 40-50 kids or more. At different years, ran games station with high school volunteer assistants, a science experiment station, assisted pastor with story telling, ran storytelling station by myself one year, and assisted with opening skits.
  • Provided classroom parent help for kindergarten teacher once a month, helped with classroom parties another year, and helped run a games station during the end-of-the-year field day.

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