Reviews of My Work

Letters of Recommendation or References provided on request.

“I have the deepest trust in Cassy’s ability to manage and perform any administrative task. She is particularly good at working with people. She is honest, well-spoken, she writes exceptionally well, and proved herself capable of handling the supervision of multiple complex and important tasks.”
– Dr. Stephen Haven, former Ashland University MFA Director
“Cassandra Brown is one of the most proficient and hardworking administrators that I have had the privilege to work with in a dozen universities over the past twenty-five years as a professor.”

– Mark Irwin, former poetry instructor at Ashland MFA and Ashland Poetry Press author

“I view Cassandra as one of the easiest persons to work with; she brings with her a phenomenal work ethic, an uplifting spirit, and a skill-set that allows her to be proactive and productive.”
– Dan McDonald, Ashland University Art Department Chair
“I could not have asked for a more organized, dependable and trustworthy person to manage our department. She showed tremendous initiative in all areas, worked independently and needed little or no supervision.”
– Darren Wick, Ashland University Math & Computer Science former Chair

Have you worked with me in some way?
Feel free to add your comments below if you have something positive to say.


7 thoughts on “Reviews of My Work

  1. It’s impossible not to be impressed with Cassy’s skill at and dedication to her job. I attended Ashland University’s MFA program for Creative Writing, which Cassy largely arranges and organizes as a part of her position at Ashland University. There, she handles a large and unwieldy job with grace and talent. From the large-scale organization of events like the student check-in on Day One of the residency to the details we would bring to her daily (I lost my key! The WiFi doesn’t work! What are we doing today, again?), Cassy handled it all with her characteristic mastery, as well as a cheerful smile. She brings a passion to her work that many institutions can only dream of: often, when a student is reading or a speaker is diving into a lecture, Cassy can be seen smiling and nodding, or seriously jotting down notes. Working with her is a pleasure, and I hope to be fortunate enough to do so again in the future!


  2. Students arriving for summer residencies in the Ashland MFA program usually arrive anxious and uncertain. Thanks to Cassy the administrative details (and there are many) have already been provided. Schedules, accommodations, questions like “Where are the printers?” “What if I lost my key?” “Where’s the gathering Saturday night?” “Who has the handouts for craft sessions?” “What time is my Defense?” and a hundred thousand other questions have already been answered clearly. These questions are simply not necessary. I’ve never seen anyone handle as much as Cassy does and still keep her wonderful welcoming smile. She calms everyone with her demeanor. She makes something so intensely complicated (and I’m sure stressful for her) look easy. Crises come up – she handles them. We’ve all come to depend on Cassy (perhaps too much) because we can.

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  3. When interacting with Cassy you will quickly see that she is detail-oriented and gets things done. She skillfully manages all of the complexities of Ashland University’s MFA program and meets the needs of students and faculty with a smile on her face.

    – Katlyn Stechschulte
    Ashland University MFA Student


  4. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Cassy Brown in my dual role both as a faculty member in the low-residency MFA program (where I have been teaching creative nonfiction writing since 2008) and as an author with River Teeth. Cassy wears many hats as an Ashland employee; working for the MFA program, River Teeth, and the Ashland Poetry Press, she exercises a range of well-developed communications skills—from managing multiple social media platforms and developing content for our websites to corresponding with students and handling travel plans for visiting writers. Working with Cassy for my recent River Teeth essay gave me a closer perspective on her aptitude and professionalism: her sharp eye and editing skills made my work better, and her astounding efficiency and gracious collegiality made the editing process a pure pleasure. In the end, though, what makes Cassy such a perfect match for all of our programs—MFA, magazine, and press—is her obvious passion for words and writing; last summer, even when she wasn’t on the clock, she attended the craft talks and readings. Watching Cassy take notes and ask questions throughout the week, I thought, She’s the one for us.


  5. Cassy was a huge asset to our church when she worked as our secretary for several years. She actually wore many hats, as she also worked with our youth, and ran a very successful after-school program for several years. Cassy has a positive, fun personality and is able to work with just about anyone. Her creativity and intelligence often showed in the activities she planned, the discussions in which she took part, and in the newsletter and other communications she published on behalf of the church. She is full of energy and not afraid of hard work. Any business would find that she has the kind of work ethic that is missing in so much of our work force today.


  6. The Ashland MFA Program couldn’t ask for a better manager than Cassy Brown. She has great enthusiasm for our students and keen interests in the faculty’s work. For the last year, Cassy has been posting and editing reviews on the River Teeth home page with professionalism and timeliness. I can always count on her to publish the review, smartly and cleanly, along with photo and a bio of the author. A literary magazine is only as good as the people who devote themselves to it, without receiving much reward except our gratitude. Cassy has made every part of our program a success. I can’t imagine continued smooth sailing without her.

    Thomas Larson
    Creative Nonfiction Faculty


  7. When my book was released with Ashland Poetry Press, Cassandra Brown expertly handled all facets of administrative efforts and final-stage editing tasks including proofs, publicity, social media, and reviews. I enjoy my collegial relationship with Cassy; I am impressed by her keen insight and follow-through, and her continued investment in supporting my book. Cassandra Brown is a consummate professional, and she has my highest recommendation.

    -Laura Van Prooyen
    Author of Our House Was on Fire


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